Mission for Markets 2017/18 Survey

Since 2011, NABMA have carried out surveys of the country's retail markets to record year-on-year changes - the Retail Markets Survey (RMS).

This year, as part of Mission For Markets 2018,  a campaign run in partnership with the NMTF, the RMS has been reviewed and improved to include a greater depth and breadth of impact measurements.  

This survey is open to operators of retail markets and non-traditional retail markets, such as operators of specialist events, including fairs, festivals, concerts, shows and fetes.              

Findings will be published online in September and your support in completing this survey is extremely important to us.

If you wish to view our privacy notice please click here  

The attached is a joint survey carried out by Bradford Council on behalf of NABMA for the purposes of  monitoring and reporting on the performance of markets across the UK. We take our  responsibilities under the Data Protection Act very seriously.

The information provided  by you in this survey is collected purely for the purposes of enabling NABMA to demonstrate the economic value of markets.
Your responses will be anonymous and your personal details will not be published. We only ask for your contact details in case we need to verify data.  We will share anonymised data with NABMA and NMTF. The surveys will be kept for a period of 6 years and then destroyed securely.                

If you would like to discuss the data protection aspects of this survey NABMA’s Data Protection Officer is Tracie Robinson and can be contacted at nabma@nabma.com              

For an explanation of any questions included in this survey, hover over the symbol wherever it appears. The survey will take less than 10 minutes to complete. If you have any questions or comments when you're progressing through the survey, feel free to call Colin Wolstenholme on 01274 432243 or email colin.wolstenhome@bradford.gov.uk

You can pause and return to the survey at any time by selecting ‘save’ and following the on-screen instructions which will ask you to enter your email address. 

If you select ‘save’ and then decide you don't want to create a temporary account, just
click the long link to return to where you left off and carry on with the survey. Do not exit as you will lose any data you have entered.   
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