Outcomes for Children and Young People

The Local area, Bradford Council and Health Partners are developing an Outcomes Framework and are wanting the Children and Young People of Bradford to pick their top 6 Outcomes, that they want to achieve whilst growing up. These outcomes come from 8 categories and 13 outcome statements to choose from.

This survey will take you approximately 5 minutes to complete.

These outcomes will be at the centre of any future strategies and policies that we develop as a SEND Partnership, we will use these to measure our progress in Bradford in implementing the SEND Reforms. We will also use these to help inform decisions made when commissioning new services (these are services that we buy to deliver services and outcomes for CYP with SEND).
At the end of the survey there is a question that asks, how you would like to be involved in our commissioning of services/provisions. We are wanting to do this for most services/provisions moving forward.
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