Children and Young People's views on Bradford's Outcomes statements

Earlier this year we asked the children and young people of Bradford to rank what outcomes were most important to them and with the help of the Council for Disabled Children we now have 6 outcomes.
- The people who love and care for me are enabled to do this
- I feel supported and safe
- I am confident and able to achieve my dreams
- I feel valued, included and accepted
- My voice is heard and I have control of my life
- I enjoy good health and wellbeing

So what does an outcome mean? An outcome is the way things turn out

To further develop this work, we are wanting to understand what each outcome means to the children and young people of Bradford.

This survey will take under 5 minutes to complete and is just one of the methods we are using to capture this information. If you would like to know more about other methods, please email the SEND T&C team  at SENDT&

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